Creating Successful Resolutions: ‘Be Realistic’

In my last blog, Be Honest, we covered one of four concepts to help you steer clear of common pitfalls in creating successful resolutions. I’m sharing a method which has been successful for me. It’s built on four ‘Be’ concepts – Be Clear, Be Honest, Be Realistic and Be Committed.

Let’s do this together! This weeks focus is Be Realistic.

Be Realistic: Having mapped out my priorities and the benefits of taking this action, I then think through what a realistic timeline and approach would be to achieve this desired outcome.  Depending on the size and scale of my resolution, I need to be thoughtful about what additional time, resources and support I’ll need when challenges arise in order to make a realistic plan for it to truly happen.  I believe it’s often this aspect of being realistic about what it will take in time, resources or support that doesn’t get enough attention from people when they first make their resolution so it is the common culprit of unraveling a resolution.

In 2012 to examine my lack of confidence and consciously build more confidence as a business owner, I will likely need a few coaching sessions to get to the bottom of what’s blocking me and decide what actions will help me build my confidence back up again. I could also benefit from connecting with other entrepreneurs to ask questions and get support for facing my fears and challenges. With the help of my coach and fellow entrepreneurs, I’ll gain access to more resources that will support my emotions, point me in the direction of more information on finance, accounting and marketing and next steps for my professional development.  Hmm, this will be quite a journey so I plan to give myself 12 months to attain this new level of confidence.  Therefore the step-by-step timeline looks like this:

  • January – February: Weekly coaching sessions to explore lack of confidence and design confidence building exercises.
  • Each month: 1-2 dates with my entrepreneurial network to ask for additional ideas, support and encouragement to give me a boost, help me feel connected and access more information on how they manage their finance, accounting and marketing.
  • Each month: Research and try one new activity to extend my professional growth plan and visibility.
    • An example that comes to mind for January is to partner up with another coach to co-lead an area coach association meeting and get feedback from the group and fellow coach on what I did well and what I could improve upon as a presenter.

What’s a realistic timeline for you to achieve what you want? What resources and support will you likely need to help you get there?  Create a timeline to reference so you have a step by step structure to follow, which makes this larger goal seems far more achievable because you can see that giving yourself time to do one thing at a time can get you where you want to go.

Coming up next: ’Be Honest’.

Here’s wishing you all your best year yet!
Samia Kornweibel
Certified Professional Coach
LifeLens Coaching

This blog series also appeared in full at the Girl Power Hour Website, where I am honored to be a guest blogger.

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