Creating Successful Resolutions: ‘Be Honest’

In my last blog, Be Clear, we covered one of four concepts to help you steer clear of common pitfalls in creating successful resolutions. I’m sharing a method which has been successful for me. It’s built on four ‘Be’ concepts – Be Clear, Be Honest, Be Realistic and Be Committed.

Let’s do this together! This weeks focus is Be Honest.

Be Honest: As I gain the clarity of what I’ve learned and what’s next, I think through what’s honestly important to me and why it benefits my life to pursue this next level of action.

As I thought about my business, I realized my priorities were to:

1) Continue attracting more great clients so I’m even more financially viable.

2) Learn more about the finance, accounting and marketing aspects of business.

3) Be more visible in the market to open up new opportunities for professional growth.

Now WHY does it benefit me to work on my confidence?  By taking action to examine what’s blocking my confidence as a business owner and choosing activities that build my confidence in new ways I can see how it benefits all my priorities:

1) I will be able to attract new clients with ease because confidence helps sell my services.

2) Learning more finance, accounting and marketing will help me be more proactive about how I’m investing in and running my business, which gives me confidence that my business will not only survive, but thrive in this next year.

3) I will be able to build new streams of revenue like workshops and speaking engagements while I take my professional development to the next level because confidence will inspire new ideas and encourage me to get out there and get noticed.

What’s truly important to you this year?  How does your clarity statement above connect with your priorities? Why does it benefit you to take action with your statement?

Coming up next: ’Be Honest’.

Here’s wishing you all your best year yet!
Samia Kornweibel
Certified Professional Coach
LifeLens Coaching

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