Creating Successful Resolutions: ‘Be Committed’

In my last blog, Be Honest, we covered one of four concepts to help you steer clear of common pitfalls in creating successful resolutions. I’m sharing a method which has been successful for me. It’s built on four ‘Be’ concepts – Be Clear, Be Honest, Be Realistic and Be Committed.

Let’s do this together! This weeks focus is Be Committed.

Be Committed: The final step before inspired action on my resolution is to make a decision to really go for it!  No messing around, it’s time to make a firm, articulated commitment to what I’m about to do.  So I say my resolution out loud and put it in writing so my resolution is clearly spelled out and then I post it in front of my computer so I can reference it often to check in on my progress as well as ensure I’m staying on track.  This exercise gives me a simple, structured way to know the meaning behind my resolution, the benefits of taking action and the general destination I want to arrive at so I stay focused and motivated to making it real.

What’s your commitment? How will you articulate your decision so it means something to you and keeps you motivated?  What will you do if your commitment falters? How will you restore your conviction to see this resolution through to a successful outcome?

Now for the juicy proof that shows you this process REALLY works:  Literally one week after I finished this exercise I found out about a 6 month business building training program that’s led by a coach who’s been running a successful business for over 12 years helping small business owners consciously grow their businesses.  The program starts with looking at the business owner’s fears, beliefs and level of conviction about their success as a business owner and teaches you how to build your confidence from a strong foundation of courage, faith and determination. The coach lays out a road map for understanding how to market, budget and increase revenue so you can attract clients in a conscious, focused manner.  The program even covers how to extend your services into additional offerings so you gain more visibility and credibility as a professional in your field.  It’s a weekly class of 10 entrepreneurs coming together, like a mastermind group, to learn, share ideas and offer support as we go through the program together.

Isn’t this INCREDIBLE?!? An amazing program comes into my path touching on all the areas I articulated in my resolution creating process about building my confidence and my business!  So I signed up last month and we started last week – I’m now well on my way to seeing my New Year’s Resolution for 2012 come true!  This is the power of being clear, honest, realistic and committed!  Give it a try and let me know how it works out for YOU!

I also recommend reading Megan Munroe’s GPH blog post on 12/30 regarding Making New Year’s Revelations vs. Resolutions for additional perspective.  As she suggests sometimes all it takes is changing your language and your approach to make a huge difference in how you see your successful progress through the year. Great ideas, Megan, thanks for sharing!

Here’s wishing you all your best year yet!
Samia Kornweibel
Certified Professional Coach
LifeLens Coaching

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